Fire Sprinkler & Fire Alarm System Inspections Orange County

Precision Fire Systems performs all types of fire sprinkler system inspections required for Commercial and Residential Occupancies.

Quarterly Fire Sprinkler Inspections are required per NFPA 25, but if properly trained, can be performed in-house.

Annual Fire Sprinkler Inspections…

5 Year Fire Sprinkler Certifications…

Annual Fire Hydrant or Fire Main Inspections…

Annual Fire Alarm Inspections…

We do it All!!!!

WE do Hydraulic Calculations for Density Analysis and Hydraulic Calc Plates, Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation, Fire Sprinkler System Repairs Residential and Commercial.

We are your ONE STOP Shop for Fire Sprinkler Inspections, Repairs, Design, Installations, Maintenance.

Precision Fire Systems 8773473797

Call Mike McStay for Free Quotes 9493373317

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